Offshore Oil & Gas Production

The UK offshore oil & gas exploration sector has long been a major user of induction formed bends for subsea and topside applications. Particularly of late, with the emergence of the new style of ‘lean’ exploration companies able to make more efficient use of current and new resources, we aim to provide a personal, high quality service with close links to end users and intermediaries alike.

Having extensive experience in working with oil & gas bending requirements, the management team of Induction Pipe Bending UK Ltd is always available to discuss the potential benefits of induction bending within the sector.

Power Generation

Following many years of excellent service, the UK’s power generation industry is currently undergoing significant investment into the refurbishment of many of its stations. Induction formed bends are an intrinsic feature of many operations within power plants and, like all stressed pipeline components, have a limited lifespan.

We are able to help with many of the requirements of the power generation market including bending from templates and / or previously removed items where actual details are not available for any reason.

General & Process Pipework

Induction bends are widespread throughout many varied process and general pipework applications and are used for anything from a providing large scale conduit through to heat exchange and conveyance of a multitude of liquids and gases.

Given this considerable potential for use, we would be more than happy to discuss the options of application for induction bending in any working environment.