Additional Services


If required, bevelling is available to typical API & ASTM / ASME requirements via a series of horizontal boring machines capable of varying capacity from 0.5” to 30”

Pickle & Passivation

IPBmay-25Non ferrous materials inevitably come into contact with carbon steels during the induction bending process. To alleviate any potential contamination issues, as the last production activity IPB operate a full scale chemical cleaning facility where bends are immersed fully (typically in 2% Hydroflouric / 10% v/v Nitric acid solution) for a suitable period of time followed by passivation and, size allowing, shrink wrapped on clean pallets. Our cleaning facility is available for sub contract operations – if this is of interest, please contact us for details

Packaging and Transport

Through our close relationship with a leading international freight forwarding company, packing to pallets, crates, cases and containers can be accommodated along with the option for transportation to destinations both in the UK and worldwide by road, sea or air